Only the best lofi hip-hop, chillhop, and smooth study beats for your pleasure.

Chill Beats Records is a new and quickly growing digital music label. We're now signing artists' singles - we welcome your submissions of unreleased demos. Please use the email on bottom of the site to submit.



Sorry friends, we DO NOT take playlist submissions or demos directly. Because we get dozens of messages a day and most aren't offering the best of what we like, we literally are not able to follow up with everyone so we don't open messages anymore from people we don't know yet. We play what we like, not what we get emailed or messaged on social media. Your best chance is to make great music and hope that it will get onto Discover Weekly playlists and we will hear it. If we absolutely love it, we'll feature it, maybe follow you, and could even get in touch. Or you could have a friend that already worked with us to directly  recommend your music to be listened to on your behalf - that is the best method that we can recommend for you, which means getting active in the music community with other artists. We're humans too, we can't listen to it all, this is the way we screen that keeps us sane with the deluge. Thank you for visiting.

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