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Only the best lofi hip-hop, chillhop, and smooth study beats for your pleasure.

Chill Beats Records is a new and quickly growing digital music label. We're now signing artists' singles - we welcome your submissions of unreleased demos. Please use the email on bottom of the site to submit.



Are you a talented beat making looking to have your music released through Chill Beats Records? Due to overwhelming number of inquiries, we made the decision to only listen to demos from people within our loose network. That means this: get involved in the scene, get at least 4-5 people that we follow to follow you as well - then send us a message on Instagram about your demos.

Sorry friends, we DO NOT do playlist submissions. Because we get dozens of messages a day and most aren't offering the best of what we like. We play what we like, not what we get emailed. With that said, if you want us to hear your music - the above suggestion also applies. Get people we follow to follow you too on Instagram, and only then we can even read the message. Messages with not enough shared followers sadly get deleted because there are too many of them daily with mostly low quality or not the right fit. We're humans too, we can't listen to it all, this is the way we screen. Thank you for visiting.